The Appendix in my book "Towards a Science of States: their Evolution and Properties" deals with the 195 states in the present world. Basically it is a classification of the states together with the criteria used for the classification. The result of the classification as presented in the book (page 409) is repeated in the table below.

Group Number of states Total population, millions
Democracies and quasi-democracies 106 3 467
First intermediary group 4 17
Second intermediary group 42 1 275
Third intermediary group 13 290
Dictatorships 16 1 710
Failed states 14 291
Sum 195 7 050

Here, in a number of texts, I will in various ways continue the analyses and descriptions of the present states. I may for instance discuss the criteria used for the classification and make them more precise, but I may also introduce completely new criteria and thereby end up in other groups than the ones presented in the table.