My book "Towards a Science of States: their Evolution and Properties" was published in the beginning of 2015. Since then much has happened in the world which is of relevance for the book.


To the extent that the book contains theories of various kinds some of them may have met contradicting facts whereas other ones rather may have got some kind of support. In both cases these matters have to be discussed. How serious are the contradictions? Could they for example be dealt with by some small changes in the theory, or are they more serious than that? And how about the supporting facts? Of course they do not prove the theory, but still they can be more or less more or less convincing, more or less fundamental.


But the book also contains much else than theories. To take just one example the Appendix contains a classification of the 195 states in the world around 2014. Some of these states should, in all probability, be put in some other group than in 2014. Another very important new phenomenon are the suddenly so great migration streams. These are obviously relevant for theories and ideas about states. The migrants are leaving some states for some reasons, and they try to get into other ones hoping to get a better life there. And there are more topics like this, topics not dealt with in the book, but, nevertheless, falling within its general framework.


NEW Finally, and in spite of all my efforts, the book may contain faults or dubious matters which for other ones may have been obvious already in 2015. Thus, unfortunately, a few references to figures have become wrong. Thus the reference to table 3 close to the end of page 319 should be a reference to figure 10; the references to figure 5, figure 7 and figure 8 in the middle of page 331 should be references to figure 8, figure 13 and figure 14 respectively; the reference to figure 11 in the middle of page 336 should, of course, be a reference to figure 17; the reference to figure 11 at the top of page 342 should be a reference to figure 17; and, finally, the reference to table 4 at the top of page 378 should be a reference to table 2.


But apart from these wrong references there are, since we are living in a constantly changing world, many things that may be commented on in a new light or elaborated in one way or another. Here I will deal with matters like these and I will try, as far as possible, to relate the discussions and comments to the chapters, and their sections, in the book. Hence the links to the chapters with their titles below, and the links to the sections of the chapters with their subtitles on the chapter pages.


Chapter 2: States during 5000 years


Chapter 5: Politics and economy


Chapter 6: Dictatorships


Chapter 10: The properties of representative democracy


Chapter 11: Statelessness


Appendix: The states in the present world


PS. This project of mine has just begun. Therefore, and for some time ahead, it will be quite sketchy. Hopefully, and bit by bit, it will however become more plentiful and comprehensive.