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Moberg Publications publishes texts in political science. Owner and sole functionary is Erik Moberg, non-affiliated political scientist. The site has two main sections, one in English and the other one in Swedish. The two sections are not translations of each other. Rather, and depending on the circumstances, some items are presented in English and other ones in Swedish.

The book "Towards a Science of States: their Evolution and Properties"
  • James N. Druckman: "... The book covers nearly all forms of states – something virtually no other book does. It is a must read."

  • Mark N. Franklin: "... I should stress that, although world history provides the data supporting the ideas put forward in this book, this is not a history book. It presents a first class and cutting edge social science analysis of the nature of the state and how it worksa modern day "The Prince"."

  • Donald L. Horowitz: "... The reader looking for a sophisticated treatment of the nature of the state and of the variety of regime types will be richly rewarded."

  • Otmar Höll: "... In bringing together ideas, theories and reality the book advances our understanding of Statehood in the international system of the 21st century."

  • Jonah Levy: "... Informative and clearly written, Moberg's book offers a useful primer for students and lay readers looking to familiarize themselves with the basic attributes and varieties of forms that states can take."

Towards a Science of States: My Way

The book "Towards a Science of States: their Evolution and Properties"

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A Theory of Democratic Politics

Arend Lijphart about A Theory of Democratic Politics:  "A highly innovative and theoretically very significant contribution to political science." The main actors in four types of democratic systemsfor further details see A Theory of Democratic Politics, in particular part 7, and part 27.

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